AKG presents new products for Podcasters and Youtubers


AKG launches a number of new products specifically for Youtubers, Podcasters and ‘influencers’. After all, good sound quality is appreciated.

Actually, a podcast or Youtube clip with a decent sound stands or falls. Especially when the voice-over – technically – doesn’t sound good at all, it becomes tiring listening. Of course we are not referring to the content itself or the capabilities of the talking person. If they are bad, the best equipment in the world doesn’t make them more digestible. In short: AKG’s new items are mainly intended for podcasters and Youtubers who already have their affairs in order in terms of content and presentation. First, there’s the new AKG Lyra. This is a versatile microphone with a nice retro look. But don’t let that fool you, the Lyra has many features.

Mono and stereo

For example, the AKG Lyra has things like noise reduction on board, plop sounds are suppressed and you will find in the internal four concensator capsules. There are four different recording modes to choose from. First, ‘normal’ as a mono microphone with forward-facing sensitivity. For, for example, recording voice-overs and the like. Front + Back also activates the microphone at the back and enables face-to-face interviews, for example. Tight Stereo activates two microphones on the front and ensures optimal settings for music recordings. Finally, Wide Stereo uses all four built-in microphone capsules to capture live music, for example.


On the AKG Lyra you will find a headphone jack. This fits perfectly with one of the two new models of headphones that the manufacturer has also released. Both the AKG K361 and K371 are closed-ended models with earhooks and large 50mm drivers. According to the manufacturer, both copies deliver studio-quality sound. The frequency range of the K361 runs from 15 Hz to 28 kHz and the top model K371 has a bandwidth from 5 Hz to 40 kHz, titanium-coated drivers and voice coils wrapped with oxygen-free copper.

The three newcomers of AKG are available immediately. The Lyra costs €159, the K361 €149 and the K371 €199.

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