Operate Bluesound wireless speakers without a smartphone now


Bluesound has released an IR remote control, which, among other things, allows you to operate wireless speakers of this brand without a smartphone.

Not everyone is always charmed by the smartphone as a remote control. More and more manufacturers are opting for this option, because a lot is possible with it. If you prefer to use an old-fashioned IR remote control, at least now you can for the wireless speakers and musicstreamers (generation 2 and 2i) of Bluesound. The previously released RC1 makes it possible to use a classic remote control to handle the most common issues. Think of jumping a track forwards or backwards, adjusting the volume, pausing and so on. Furthermore, you can define a number of functions of your own choice and there are also adjustable preset buttons, which give you direct access to, for example, an internet radio station or music service.


The Bluesound RC1 works not only with the mentioned speakers and streamers of this brand, but also in combination with most of the BluOS running equipment of sister brand NAD, including for example the Masters M50.2. The RC1 remote control is now available. The button box in matt black costs €69 and matching button cells for the power supply are included. Ideal for anyone who has nothing to do with tablets and (or) smartphones. Or doesn’t even have one, of course.

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