Loewe under the wings of Slovak Skytec


The German TV manufacturer Loewe, which went bankrupt last summer, was taken over by the Slovak investment company Skytec.

In the end, Loewe will continue to exist after the bankruptcy last summer. Thanks to the takeover by the Slovak investment company Skytec, there is hope for the future again. Skytec’s CEO Vladislav Khabliev: “We are very pleased to add a new chapter to Loewe’s success story, and to expand the brand internationally in the premium segment. Loewe is the brand for consumers who appreciate independent style and iconic, timeless design. We will further develop this vision with luxury design labels and premium automotive brands. Synergy between past and future is essential. Loewe has successfully reintroduced traditional materials into its products, which merge seamlessly with state-of-the-art technology’.


Skytec wants to use Bavaria as a central hub for production and development. According to the company, new Loewe products are in the pipeline, including a number of special developments in the field of television and audio. They will be shown at the IFA next year. By the way, Skytec is not an insignificant player: it repositioned already well-known brands such as Blaupunkt and Sharp. The company is an internationally operating investment company specialising in consumer electronics and technical companies. Good to see at least that it all stays within Europe! By the way: the photo above shows the very first television that the German manufacturer released in 1931 (photo taken from here).

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