Qobuz available for Cambridge Audio music players


Qobuz streaming service is available for Cambridge Audio music players. Always handy for streaming, we’d say.

Qobuz streams hi-res audio and you can now listen to it on Cambridge Audio‘s music players. In fact, it runs via the manufacturer’s app, StreamMagic (available for iOS and Android). The players for which Qobuz is now available are actually the top models Azur 851N, Edge NQ and CXN (v2). However, you will also need to perform a firmware update of the relevant players before streaming can start. This update will be offered to you as soon as you launch the app. The mentioned music players support all the qualities Qobuz has to offer in terms of hi-res, from 320 kbps (well, that’s the best that is available on a lossy level at least…) to 24 bit / 192 kHz.

Plenty of music to choose from

Qobuz has 40 million tracks in CD quality ready for its subscribers. Two million hi-res tracks of every conceivable genre are also in the library. In short: more than enough potential listening pleasure with this French streaming service seems to us. In any case it is good to see that owners of the Cambridge Audio music players mentioned have again got a source to draw from. Because in the end it’s all about enjoying music!

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