Saturn as a record player: Groovy!


This record player designed by Elham Mirzapour is clearly based on Saturn. Or a flying saucer. Something spacey anyway.

At What Hi-Fi we found a message about the nicest new turntable from product designer Elham Mirzapour. And What-Hifi found the thing again at Yanko Design (see screenshot at the top of this article). Anyway, the record player is too much fun to remember. The idea is that the hemisphere in the middle represents Saturn and the small sphere – hiding the cartridge – represents the largest moon on this planet, Titan. And oh yes, that hemisphere in the middle – so Saturn – also functions as a speaker.

Plate becomes ring

To play a record, lift Saturn with Titan attached to it. Then place a plate on the base and put Saturn and Titan back. Indeed. Now the planet also has rings formed by the plate. Place the needle at the beginning of the record, turn on the player and press the play button. The only problem is that there is nowhere to find a price for this gadget. And if and when it’s going to be easy for us to deliver. Still nice to look at, this very creatively designed turntable!

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