Vincent PHO-300 phono preamplifier


For anyone looking for an affordable phono preamp, there’s the new Vincent PHO-300. Just get some more out of your vinyl collection!

A good phono preamplifier is – of course – indispensable for a turntable to come into its own. Vincent proves that such a device does not have to cost you the headache financially with the new PHO-300. Get it for €299. Or better: them, because the preamplifier is accompanied by a separate power supply. Fine of course, because that power supply is very critical in a phono preamplifier. Annoying hum and noise are always lurking, which can be prevented by an external power supply (if designed correctly). In terms of appearance, both units fit together perfectly, which results in a nice ‘turret’. Furthermore, Vincent reports that selected high-quality electronic components have been used in the preamplifier itself. This should guarantee a low-noise output signal.

MM and MC

The Vincent PHO-300 can handle both MM and MC elements, just a matter of switching. It means you can go in any direction with the device, even in the future. The frequency range is from 10 Hz – 20 kHz (+/- 5 dB) or 10 Hz – 50 kHz (+/- 2 dB). Both preamplifier and power supply have a sturdy aluminum housing and the whole fits seamlessly with Vincent’s PowerLine series. On the manufacturer’s site you can’t find anything about the PHO-300 at the time of writing, but we found it at Fidelity Online, from where the screenshot above this article was taken.

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