Alpha Audio also available in English!

After months of development and the translation of almost all articles written in 2019 the Dutch online platform for the audio enthusiast – Alpha Audio ( – is now launching its second website: Here, the content can also be read in English.

The decision to launch an English domain of Alpha Audio was made after we estimated to reach the milestone of 2 million unique visitors by the end of 2019. This is about the maximum reach of Dutch speaking readers in the realm of audio and music. We think that our reviews, background articles, news items and videos deserve a wider reader’s audience. After all, the Internet is not a medium that is limited to Belgium, The Netherlands and Lusemburg, nor is audio a hobby that only exists in the BeNeLux. Indeed, audio / hi-fi is a very international hobby. With “” we would like to connect and engage with enthusiasts abroad. Just like we do now in the BeNeLux. That way we can help enthusiasts with their questions and in making complex decisions regarding their audio systems. After all, that has always been the goal of Alpha Audio.

What does Alpha Audio do?

Alpha Audio brings reviews, news and in-depth articles on high quality hi-fi equipment and music playback, in any price category. From high quality speakers to streamers, multiroom installations, custom install, d/a converters, cables and even audiophile network equipment. This testing is in all cases independent, very thorough and with professional equipment. Our tone of voice is, in keeping with Dutch tradition, no nonsense. We try to avoid tech speak and to explain complex technical content in plain Dutch and now also in plain English. This is because all editors are not technicians but have learned to write about it in a clear and concise manner.

Alpha Audio has its own professional listening room that has been acoustically treated. This room is suitable for hifi-stereo tests as well as custom installation reviews and AV testing. For custom installation and AV tests, a special wall was installed at the beginning of 2019, making it possible to test in-wall and on-wall speakers, as well as projectors and multi-channel set-ups.

There is also a studio for video production and by the end of 2019, the office has a live stream facility based on both ip-cameras and the possibility to stream in 4K from the professional video cameras.

Alpha Audio always strives to offer innovative content. In 2019, we live-streamed a review of eight bookshelf speakers; readers could see and hear our methods of testing. Furthermore, whilst reviewing, readers could post their opinions. In December 2019 we organised a multitest of audiophile network switches where a panel of readers was invited to the Alpha Audio studio to participate in the test. All this was live-streamed. Both sessions were a great success with a high number of viewers, a high level of appreciation and interaction with and among our readers. Plans are to continue and further develop the possibilities of video and live streams.

About Alpha Audio

Alpha Audio was founded in 2007 by Jaap Veenstra. From the start, several authors have signed up to start for the medium. The special thing is that these are all audio-enthusiasts. Since 2013 Jaap Veenstra has been working on it full time, resulting in a sharp focus on content planning, video productions including live streams and in-depth articles on streaming.

One of Alpha Audio’s core values is interaction, contact with the reader(s). Partly as a result of this, there is a possibility to react on articles, a forum to talk to others and of course: e-mail for audio related questions.

Alpha Audio grows every year between 25 and 35 percent. The Dutch-language website reached 2 million unique visitors in 2019.

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