bFly-Audio Satellite-Q: gone are vibrations


Vibrations in audio equipment can be annoying and ultimately affect the sound (microphony). An absorber such as that of bFly-Audio can then provide a solution.

It goes without saying that a mechanical device like a turntable can have a lot of bat with a stable surface. A CD player also comes into its own when vibrations are kept out of the door. At the same time, the devices themselves produce vibrations that can work through to other parts in the hi-fi chain. Also a (front) amplifier can be sensitive to vibrations. Through microphony you can even hear them in the output signal in the worst case scenario. Certain parts in an amplifier then act as an unwanted kind of microphone. Anyway, an absorber can help. bFly-Audio has several in its range. The Satellite-Q-series is a special variant!

Pressure reduces vibrations

Equipment is getting lighter and lighter. It means that they are even more sensitive to vibrations and resonances. In the case of, for example, a CD in a CD player that is not completely perfectly aligned, this is sometimes clearly audible, in the worst case even the housing starts to ‘rattle’. Precisely to prevent vibrations from these enclosures, bFly-Audio has developed the Satellite-Q series. In fact, these are weights that you place on top of the device to be ‘de-vibrated’. Similar to pressing your hand on such an audibly vibrating sleeper. But permanently. The weights are provided with a corkboard in the middle, by centring the weight there it works most effective. Prices of these bFly-Audio absorbers range from €159 (M Basic) to €299 for the L Plus. The Plus variants are also equipped with a gel-pad (the red thingy in the middle of the corkboard) which, according to the manufacturer, also suppresses low frequencies. The absorbers are made of aluminium, so there is no disturbance of the magnetic field.

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