Bose closes all stores in Europe, North America, Japan and Australia


It looks like Bose is getting under more financial pressure. The company announced the rapid closure of all stores in Europe, North America, Japan and Australia.

According to Bose itself, the closure of its stores in areas such as our own is the direct result of changing purchasing behaviour. According to them, this manufacturer‘s products are increasingly being sold via e-commerce. Originally, the Bose stores were designed to experience and try out the brand’s products, and of course to ask questions to the staff. The fact that this is no longer necessary may be a sign of the times. But it can also mean – as with Bang & Olufsen, which is in heavy weather – that there may be more going on.

Sign of the time or is there more going on?

Bose has been having some quality problems lately anyway. At the same time, almost without exception, products of this brand have a substantial premium price tag, a parallel with B&O; see yesterday’s news. Many other brands do not have these much higher prices and nowadays they deliver almost a similar quality. Especially with headphones, this is a phenomenon that can be clearly noticed (and heard). You really have to go rock bottom to find a lousy specimen. But whether it’s really tightening the belt for Bose? Time will eventually tell. By the way, it’s not all bad news. Bose stores in China, the Emirates, India, South Korea and Southeast Asia remain open for the time being.

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