Creative Sound Blaster G3: better sound for gamers


Creative has released a new USB-C Sound Blaster: the G3. Specially designed for game consoles, but also for PC and Mac.

Creative is an old acquaintance in the field of sound cards. It quickly revolutionized PC sound in its early days with its very first Sound Blaster cards. Although it was only 8-bit (along with an FM synthesizer), it was a huge improvement over the bleeps and beeps from the standard PC speaker. Creative created more milestones, including extensive sound cards with wavetable synthesizers on board. Nowadays it’s a bit quieter around the brand, which partly has to do with the fact that onboard sound chips from PCs and laptops have improved. And of course some laptops have the handicap that it is not possible to install a sound card, in other words: you always need a dongle. Still, with an external USB sound card there is a lot of room for improvement in sound quality. It’s not always high-end, but it’s often better than what the computer has to offer by default. The new Creative Sound Blaster G3 even goes a step further and focuses specifically on gamers and – in part – game consoles. For example, the thing is compatible with PlayStation 4 and the Nintendo Switch. The G3 also works well with a PC or Mac. If there is no USB-C connection: no need, an adapter cable is supplied.

Step amplifier

In addition to USB-C, the Creative Sound Blaster G3 also has an optical input; a cable is also included for this. Furthermore, the DAC has a sound quality of up to 24 bit / 96 kHz, so you can also listen to a tune of hi-res music with it. Furthermore, it is a real plug & play device; there is no need to install drivers. Another special feature is that the G3 can be configured via a mobile app if desired. Furthermore, the sound adapter has options specifically intended for gamers such as a switchable ‘step amplifier’ on and off. That way, you’ll hear your enemy – hopefully – approaching first. The price for all this functionality is surprisingly low: €59.99.

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