ELAC presents compact Concentro S507


ELAC has added a new, compact loudspeaker to the Concentro series. Elegant, compact and yet equipped with everything needed for good sound reproduction.

ELAC rounds off the high end Concentro with the elegant Concentro S 507. But – as the manufacturer asks himself – ‘how do you design a new smaller elegant loudspeaker called Concentro? The answer is simple: implement all the main features of the large Concentro models’. We read the following in the press release that we received through importer-distributor Servi-Q:

Elegance on high heels

A perfect symbiosis between style and function, that’s what the Concentro S507 is. A nod to the Elac Vela series and the large Concentro models. The most important acoustic design element is the front baffle with its special shape. The front baffle has a three-dimensional convex shape that ensures a much better spread of the mid tones compared to flat front baffles. The flowing lines, leaning back slightly and standing stately on high heels make the Concentro S an elegant appearance in a living room.

StepX-JET dual-concentric driver

The new StepX-JET dual-concentric driver developed by Elac with integrated JET5c ribbon tweeter is the most eye-catching. With the patented DRC (Directivity Control Ring) technology, the ratio between direct and diffuse sound can be adjusted to the acoustic environment and listening position by means of three supplied, differently shaped, magnetic rings.

Famous AS-XR woofer

Elac’s 18 cm woofer with AS-XR Crystal Cone takes care of the critical range between 120-400Hz.

Resonation-free layer display

The four 15cm aluminium long stroke woofers with aluminium sandwich cone stand in an IDC (Impulse Compensated Design), also called Push-Push/Pull-Pull mentioned configuration and provide an extremely powerful and dynamic bass reproduction without any kind of resonance.

Downfiring bass reflex port

Less critical loudspeaker placement is made possible by the double-sided curved downfiring bass reflex port. The “high-heels” give the port space and also ensure the stability of the loudspeaker. Solid gold-plated Bi-wiring/Bi-amping connection terminals, Van den Hul interior wiring and beautiful spikes including dishes complete the picture.

The ELAC Concentro S is available in high-gloss black and white. Current retail price €5495 each

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