Exposure VXN active crossover filter and power supply


The new Exposure VXN is an active crossover filter that you use instead of the – mostly – passive one built into a speaker.

Traditionally, you drive a loudspeaker with a power amplifier. One speaker per channel, handling the crossover filtering to the speaker itself. Usually this goes through a passive filter.

According to Exposure, this can be done much better by using their brand new VXN active filter, including its associated power supply. The idea is to place this device between pre- and power amplifiers. This requires one power amplifier per physical driver. The use of an active filter like this can therefore end up in the paperwork. But if that’s not an impediment, then nothing stands in the way of you deploying the VXN.

Made to fit your speaker

The Exposure VXN is primarily designed for use with Kudos Audio speakers. The Titan series and the ‘Super’ models of this brand’s Cardea series are constructed in such a way that you can easily bypass the internal crossover filter. However, the VXN can also be used for other speaker brands. When you order a VXN, specify with speaker model you want to use the filter. Exposure adjusts the parts in the VXN to these speakers. In principle, the VXN can be used not only with Exposure’s own amplifiers, but also with any other preamplifier final amplifier-combi. All inputs and outputs are via RCA. The active filter is also assisted by a matching linear power supply, specially designed for the VXN. The price of the VXN in 2-way version is £1545 and in 3-way version £1795. You pay £995 for the accompanying food. At the time of writing, the VXN is not yet mentioned on the manufacturer’s website, but it is on this page of Kudos Audio.

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