Focal Inside audio systems for Toyota


If you own a Toyota and want to boost the sound – in terms of audio – there is now Focal Inside for a range of models from the Japanese car manufacturer.

Although the sound system in the average car clicks pretty well out of the factory these days, it could be a lot better. For example, by installing a Focal Inside system. This replaces the original installation and is compatible with the original multimedia/audio system. In other words: onboard computer, steering control and Bluetooth receiver. Focal reports that the installation is simple and can be done by yourself. There is now also an Inside-version for various models of Toyota cars.

Improvement on all fronts

You get a lot better sound quality after installing Focal Inside; ‘live and immersive listening’ according to the manufacturer. Passengers are also treated to ‘real-life sound and precision’. Furthermore, the solid amplifier must guarantee a smooth and dynamic control over the heard sound. Compared to the original standard sound system, bandwidth and detail need to be improved, while the sound image also gets a boost. On this Inside-page you can select your Toyata, after which you will see what the kit for your model consists of. Grab the toolbox, a nice job for the Christmas holidays. If Santa wants a little cooperation, that is.

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