JBL Professional ONE Series 104: small but powerful


JBL has released the new Professional ONE Series 104. The compact dimensions of the new Professional ONE Series 104 do not mean that you have to let yourself get carried away with it.

The new JBL Professional ONE Series 104 are intended as studio speakers. Or more precisely, for mixing and recording YouTube video sound. But the new JBLs are also perfect for recording and mixing music and of course podcasts, according to the manufacturer. The speakers have to produce a detailed and precise sound image. Clear high and deep low make them ideal for placement near a computer, on the desk. The frequency range runs from 60 Hz, which is very neat without an extra subwoofer.

Bluetooth variant also available

The JBL Professional ONE Series 104 is driven by a built-in 60 Watt Class D amplifier, which delivers 30 Watt to each channel. This ONE series 104 is also a wired version. There are also the 104BT and 104BTW. These have Bluetooth capabilities. And the VAT is a white version of the Bluetooth variant. The ‘normal’ non-wireless JBL ONE Series 104 costs €190 per pair, so that’s easy to see. Ideal if you are also working on the production side of audio. Give your podcast studio a solid boost in the form of accurate sound reproduction. It allows you to mount exactly what you eventually hear back in your final product.

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