Klipsch and McLaren F1 join forces in design


Klipsch Audio and McLaren F1 are once again taking place at the business table. This has led to some special in- and over ears. For the real fanatics, say.

Klipsch is the new and official partner of the McLaren F1 team when it comes to headphones and portable audio used there. To celebrate this joyful fact, both parties sat down together to design something fun for the consumer. In the end, two real wireless in-ears rolled out of those design sessions, as well as an over-ear headphone.

Each of these three novices contain a bit of McLaren’s house color, papaya-orange. The flagship is definitely the Klipsch x McLaren T10 True Wireless in-ears. According to the manufacturer duo, they’re significantly smaller and lighter than any other true wireless in-ear on the market today. Internally, it’s based on the design of the award-winning Klipsch X10i in-ears. You control them by touch (gesture control) and support for smart assistants is not forgotten. Finally, there’s the exclusive ‘turbo boost mode’ to improve sound quality. The included case is based on a McLaren design, something with magnetic doors. Ah yes, and that leaves the price. It is also typical McLaren: $999, available from autumn this year.

More models

There is also a (much) cheaper Klipsch-McLaren real in-ear: the T5 Sport. They offer a playing time of 8 hours on a fully charged battery and via the supplied carrying case you always have 24 hours extra on hand. The waterproof (IP67) design features a unique system to wick away moisture as quickly as possible. You’ll get three pass-pieces, and some oval and memory foam copies. The whole thing is affordable: $249, also available in the fall. The over-ear – also wireless – features noise cancelling and offers 30 hours of playing time on a full battery. For this Klipsch x McLaren HP1 you pay $549.
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