Loewe hires first employees after relaunch


The restarted Loewe has hired its first 45 employees, which should enable the company to slowly get back up to speed.

When Loewe went bankrupt last year, that seemed to be the end of practice for the German manufacturer. Nevertheless, a saving angel in the form of the Slovak investment company Skytec appeared on the scene. They arranged a go-around for Loewe, the first practical results of which are now visible. In Kronach – Loewe’s traditional headquarters – 25,000 square metres of business space have been taken over. And also the first 45 staff members have been hired. With them begins the establishment of a new base in the aforementioned Kronach. It is expected that most of the manufacturer’s range will be available again from April this year. Furthermore – as the company informs you – there is intensive contact with suppliers and technology partners such as LG Displays. The CEO of Skytec – Vladislav Khabliev reports that these partners reacted extremely enthusiastically to the plans of the German manufacturer that had risen from the ashes.

Get to work quickly

Loewe would also like to put the Chinese Hisense in the spotlight, the company says. Initially, the Chinese were interested in taking over the brand. In the end, this did not happen, but they are now enthusiastically supporting the Germans. This continues a partnership that already dates back to 2013. The cooperation is expected to expand further in the future. For the rest, Khabliev wants to get started with the development and production of new products as soon as possible. Under the motto ‘Engineered in Germany’. As you can see for yourself, the Loewe website is once again under construction.

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