Melco presents EX series with brand new software


Melco has released the brand new EX Series, focusing on the brand new software Melco Intelligent Music Library (MIML).

The new EX Series (PDF about the N1Z EX here) use the equally new MIML software. And – before we go any further: yes, some of the older Melco’s can also be fitted with the new software. Back to EX Series. In addition to MIML you will also find vTuner aggregated internet radio, as well as the possibility of remote control of network devices including smartphones, tablets and PCs. At the heart of MIML is SongKong, an advanced and powerful metadata search engine. Another core part of the software is an advanced UPnP server called MinimServer 2. By using the MiniServer for browsing and searching, SongKomg’s extensive tagging capabilities make finding music a breeze. You can choose from four browsing and search profiles, with rock, jazz and classic matching tags available. The new software is a relief, especially for fans of classical music. You will now find tags for things like composer, conductor, choir and so on. That makes a much more targeted search possible!

Upgrade possibilities

According to Melco, installing the software in the streamer itself has several advantages. It helps to elegantly intercept incorrect meta-data including missing cover art. The process of tagging (re-labelling, if you like) is also automatically controlled onboard. All kinds of additional databases and smart algorithms are used to change original (and possibly incorrect) metadata or to add data to it. SongKong is operated via a simple web interface that can be accessed from any browser – mobile or desktop. In terms of hardware, the new EX Series has a model with 4 TB harddisk. Don’t be afraid if you have an older Melco. The Mk2 N1A, N1ZH and N1ZS can be upgraded for a small fee – covering licenses, labor and shipping costs. The update program starts in the spring of this still young year. The new N10 and N100 are equipped with a more modern intestines and these will receive MIML via the next firmware update at no additional cost. That update should be available by now. Older N1 Mk2s can be upgraded for €200 ex VAT and the Mk1 N1 series can be upgraded for €400. There are also trade-offs from your old Melco to a new one in the pipeline, just what you want.

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