Philips Sound introduces Fidelio X3 headphones


Philips Sound launches the new Fidelio X3 headphones specifically for the music lover. The X3 model is the first in a new series of Fidelio products.

Philips Sound’s Fidelio X3 is the youngest model in the acclaimed Fidelio series and is the latest version of the popular open-back Fidelio headphones. This series is – so Philips says – loved by audiophiles for ‘the unique combination of rich and accurate sound quality, extreme comfort and stylish luxury design’.

Spatial view

In the design of Fidelio X3, Philips Sound has combined accuracy with generous bass and warm midrange tones. The focus is on a sleek, impactful sound with exceptional separation of instruments and voices, while the high frequencies are pure and detailed, with excellent extension. The result? A spatial reproduction in which the music seems to transcend the seclusion of the headphones. This provides a unique, authentic and accurate experience, but with the level of a live performance’, according to the manufacturer. The multilayer polymer drivers (with gel padding for better damping) and the powerful neodymium motor system ‘also allow natural reproduction of high frequencies and accurate spatial reproduction’, according to the manufacturer. This fits nicely with Philips Fidelio’s traditional signature of generous basses’.

Wear comfort

The Fidelio X3’s speaker plates feature double-layer ear cups with a new internal edge construction that reduces vibration, Philips Sound says: “They are angled at 15 degrees to better fit the natural shape of the ear and to ensure that music is directed straight into the ear canal for an immersive listening experience. Philips Sound has also given Fidelio X3 a luxurious style to match its performance. The design offers both durability and wearing comfort. Natural materials have been selected from specialist European partners to enhance the exceptional appearance of the product’


A light but strong and dark satin steel frame is upholstered with black Muirhead leather of responsible origin according to the manufacturer. It is combined with a thick felt headband and velvet memory foam ear cushions to ensure exceptional comfort even when listening for a long time. We read further in the press release: ‘The advanced architecture of the open-back acoustic Fidelio X3 headphones replaces the traditional grille with a transparent acoustic Kvadrat speaker fabric. Any air pressure build-up and standing wave reflections from behind the drivers are thus reduced’.

Wide frequency range

Finally, Philips Audio announces: “Fidelio X3 also achieves high resolution performance levels via an HRA-recognized, exceptional bandwidth from 5 Hz to 40 kHz. For unparalleled performance, Fidelio X3 can also be used in balanced mode to separate the left and right channels, reducing crosstalk and further improving stereo separation. The supplied balanced, twisted pair cable features MMCX connectors for superior connection to high-resolution audio devices’. The recommended retail price will be announced later.

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