Pro-Ject releases album on vinyl and band


Pro-Ject is of course known for its turntables. But now they also want to provide content, witness the newly released album 7Ray: Jazzy Zoetrope.

The Austrian Pro-Ject makes record players. Modern and largely affordable, they make vinyl attractive to a large audience. And of course there should be a good quality piece of vinyl on a turntable. Pro-Ject has provided for that as well, with a first album. 7Ray: Jazzy Zoetope is a double LP with live and studio recordings of the same tracks. So you can choose what you like best. At the same time, the manufacturer also released a master tape containing the same album. In short: if you still have a (good) tape recorder, now is the time to use it again honorably.

Analogue from start to finish

The album came about through a collaboration between the owner of Pro-Ject Heinz Lichtenegger and the equally Austrian singer and musician 7Ray. You’ll find a series of Jazz classics, all recorded, mixed and mastered in full analogue. The album has no further cuts and edits, which provides an authentic and natural listening experience. In short: a special project of Pro-Ject that seems worth listening to. The vinyl version costs €39.90 and the reel-to-reel tapes €499.

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