Q Acoustics presents new bookshelf speakers

Q Acoustics

Q Acoustics releases a new bookshelf speaker in the shape of the 3030i. Compact sound for on the desk, for example.

The British Q Acoustics releases a new bookshelf speaker. The 3030i features a large 165 mm mid-label driver. This is technically based on the driver you will also find in the 3050i column from the same manufacturer. The 25 mm high toner also stems from that column and is acoustically decoupled. According to Q Acoustics, both drivers should lead to extremely powerful bass reproduction, a homogeneous midrange and a clear and spacious treble range.

Low-vibration housing

The mid-tone driver features a precision membrane made from impregnated and laminated paper. The housing of the Q Acoustics 3030i has a point-to-point reinforcement. The computer-calculated design must ensure that the housing is reinforced at critical points, thus preventing unwanted vibrations. Remains the most charming appearance, where you can choose from the finishes graphite grey, white, walnut and black. The front covers are magnetically coupled. For a pair you pay €399, available immediately. Ideal for small houses, or to add an acoustic boost to the bedroom or study. Because why should you only enjoy a tune of music or – if you like – work vitamins in your living room?

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