Record Doctor VI record washer

Record Doctor VI

Vinyls fans have chosen a somewhat laborious hobby. If only because plates attract dust like a magnet. The Record Doctor VI washes it away.

Plates and dust is an unavoidable combination. Not only is vinyl as static as I don’t know what, it’s also a medium used outdoors. In short: dust is inevitable, unless you run and store everything in a clean room, but that’s extremely natural. So making plates dust-free every now and then is not a bad idea. There are various tools for this, varying from brushes to rollers and more. And there are also complete record washing machines like this Record Doctor VI. Compared to the previous model, first of all the extraction has been improved, next to that the noise level has been lowered.

Wash but

Included with the Record Doctor VI are a bottle of detergent and a brush. With this brush you should spread the detergent evenly over the plate. Practical is an attachment that protects the label, so that only the vinyl is provided with the detergent. The plate washer is available in the colours high-gloss black or ‘Carbon look’, for an acceptable price of €299. For the true vinyl enthusiast an almost indispensable accessory, it seems to us.

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