Samsung Galaxy S20 without headphone jack


Following Apple’s example, Samsung is also dumping the headphone connection. Starting with the jumping Galaxy S20.

Smartphone and tablet manufacturers all give up the headphone connection. This has everything to do with the fact that consumers want ever thinner appliances. Under the motto ‘you ask, we run’, user-friendly extras that until not so long ago were taken for granted. It started with a battery that was no longer replaceable: that saved another few millimetres in thickness. And then Apple followed with the removal of the headphone jack a few years ago. Following the thought of: well, everything is wireless after all. The latest victim is – as we read here at What Hifi – the jumping Samsung Galaxy S20, the new flagship of this manufacturer.


The disappearance of the headphone connection at least means golden times for manufacturers of wireless headphones and in-ears. As well as of course for manufacturers of dongles containing a DAC. For iPhones and the like there are already quite a few, no doubt those gradients will also become a hit with owners of the upcoming S20. Still, there are problems ahead. The quality of the dongles varies a lot and they are small and sensitive accessories that you can easily lose. And they wear off fast too. It’s a pity that a millimeter thinner housing makes the difference between the presence or absence of something as essential as a headphone connection. By the way, it is not the very first Samsung that has to do without this connection, that was the more exotic Note 10. But now that the upcoming flagship also has to do without it, a trend has been set. Too bad.

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