Samsung releases successors Galaxy Buds with better battery life


Rumour has it, the successors to the Samsung Galaxy Buds are playing wirelessly for much longer. Always pleasant of course, listening without an outlet nearby.

The Galaxy Buds are of course marketed by Samsung as a direct competitor for Apple’s AirPods. In the meantime, it seems that behind the scenes there is already a lot of work being done on the successors. Undoubtedly the most interesting aspect of these newcomers is that they contain 300 mAh batteries in the caps themselves. A double capacity compared to the now available Galaxy Buds (which you can see above this article). That would – we’re still talking about rumours – give you a playing time of 26 hours on a single charge. And if even that isn’t enough, then it looks like the charging case will also get a more solid battery with double the capacity of its predecessor. Furthermore, the sound quality needs to be boosted, as it is not generally described as ‘super’ at the moment. A chance for the manufacturer to score!


The question remains whether it is a ‘nice’ feeling to walk around in or on your ear with increasingly potent lithium batteries. The higher the capacity of a battery, the more energy it stores. If something mechanically goes wrong with a battery, it invariably produces fireworks, or at least heat and clouds of smoke. Do you want to put that into your ear? Well, we just assume that Samsung (and all the others) have that part in order.

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