Sonos continues to support older products (still)


There was a lot of irritation among customers last week when Sonos announced that it was ending support for a number of ‘old’ products. The company’s made it.

Sonos speakers are not the cheapest in the market segment. That’s why customers reacted rather irritated when the company announced last week that it would end support – in terms of firmware – for a number of older speakers. These would include the popular Play:5 and Connect. In principle, of course, the speakers would continue to work, but bugfixes, security patches and new features didn’t have to be expected by users. Especially the lack of safety patches and bug fixes shot owners of the affected speakers in the wrong throat.

Well patches, no new features

Sonos has now informed the older speakers to continue to support some safety patches and bugfixes. The CEO of the manufacturer – Patrick Spence – went a little bit through the dust and apologized on this blog post. In short: in the end – for the time being – it all ended with a sizzle. Your older Sonos speaker just keeps doing his thing. It makes sense that certain new features can no longer be rolled out to the veterans due to too tight hardware. But the vast majority of users are very satisfied with the functionality that the speakers now offer. Anyway, nice of Sonos to finally get back on their feet. The interests of the customer are respected. Also good for the environment: why throw away a perfectly functioning device?

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