WOW SoundArt Soundsystem

WOW SoundArt

It looks like a modern work of art, also artistically illuminated. But WOW SoundArt Soundsystem on the other hand produces sound!

Admittedly, you have to be ‘in the market’ for this sort of thing. But if you have a more spacious living room, modern furnishings and so on, then this may be something. As announced, the WOW SoundArt Soundsystem looks like a modern work of art, equipped with a lighting installation that can be adjusted to your mood. Or create any atmosphere you want. But it’s not just a moodlight deluxe. No, this is a very flat and complete sound system. For this purpose, ten drivers have been placed in an MDF cabinet. The full frequency range is heard according to the manufacturer. The also built-in amplifier provides a total power output of 250 Watts.

Bluetooth as basis

An integrated DSP should also do the WOW SoundArt Soundsystem justice in more difficult rooms. You control it all via either the supplied remote control or via an app on the tablet or smartphone. By default, music is delivered wirelessly via Bluetooth. If you wish, a ‘transmitter box’ is available at extra cost, to which you can also connect all kinds of other analogue and digital sources. Finally, in terms of printing, you can choose from, for example, 1000 ready images. Or you can choose to have your own photo, just what you want! The price of the WOW SoundArt Soundsystem starts at €8800.

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