Album or single tracks, what do you choose?


Is there any life left for the old album? Or do you simply download or stream individual tracks according to your musical taste and mood? The latter is easier than ever, of course…

Well, it’s an advertorial…. from streaming service Deezer. As we Dutch say: ‘we from toilet duck… never mind. You can find the Deezer article here.  Deezer claims that albums are making a comeback. But it does make you think. Because somewhere, of course, Deezer is right about at least one point. And that’s the fact that albums tell a story. The songs are not put in a certain order for nothing, the titles and lyrics often match each other somehow.

In any case, there is a musical bridge between the songs. And of course in this case we don’t mean ‘collection albums’ with a whole bunch of tracks by different artists, but the real album of a certain artist that forms a coherent piece.


Of course, you will miss out on that album experience if you mainly stream or play single tracks from the NAS. Also fun of course, because with a playlist you can compose your own ‘story’ to suit your taste and mood. But sometimes it’s just very interesting to listen to an album from the first to the last track in chronological order. Than you will be ‘taken along for the ride’. By the artist.

So somewhere the comeback of the album promised by Deezer would be quite nice. What do you think?

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