Apple TV+ available for LG televisions


For the 2019 models of LG OLED TVs, an update is available that makes Apple TV+ available. Also a number of LCD TV’s will get this update.

Now that Apple TV+ is slowly picking up, it’s good to see that the streaming service is also being adopted by LG. With the now ready firmware update for the 2019 OLED models of LG you add Apple TV+. A number of 2018 TVs of the brand will also get the update, but later this year. Exact models are not yet known. Apple TV+ is Apple’s (still relatively new) video streaming service. It has to compete with Netflix & co. What is at least noticeable is that Apple TV+ is half the price of for example Netflix. And that’s always good. In addition, a promotion is currently underway that entitles you to one year’s free viewing after purchasing an Apple device.

Big names

Apple TV+ is not yet filled to the brim with content. But it gets better (slowly).  Just like Netflix, Apple also produces its own series, with sounding names like Jennifer Anniston, Oprah Winfrey and Aaron Paul. That kind of people should be able to create interesting content. That’s what we think at least.

All right, back to LG televisions. Previously, the manufacturer ensured compatibility with AirPlay 2 and HomeKit for easy integration with a home automation system. A year ago Samsung was the first to support Apple TV on TVs, now that LG is following, chances are we will soon see more and more televisions that have built in the service.

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