Both Samsung and LG want to sell LCD factories


Both Samsung and LG want to get rid of their $33 billion LCD factories. On to the future, it seems.

The future – at least as far as televisions are concerned – is not up to LCDs if it is up to Samsung and LG. A sign on the wall is that both manufacturers have put their LCD factories up for sale. You can buy them for about $33 billion.

It’s pretty clear what will replace LCD: first OLED and then especially Quantum Dot and – even more beautiful – micro-LED screens. The latter are based on real LED pixels. Thease do not have the disadvantages of OLED screens. As soon as micro-LED screens fall in price, they will wipe out OLEDs, it is expected.

Samsung has already sold

In fact, Samsung seems to have already sold its LCD factories to a Chinese manufacturer named Efonlong in – how could it be otherwise – Shenzhen. The necessary machines will be shipped to China next month and the factory should be operational from August this year.

LG is still negotiating with a Chinese manufacturer. By the way, LG is betting fully on OLED, while Samsung is 100% for Quantum Dot. By the way, the switch means – so experts expect – that prices of LCDs will rise in the first half of this year. They will decrease again as soon as production in China starts up. Anyway, it’s an interesting development.

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