Chord Company presents Epic-Range DIN cable


Chord Company released its first Epic-Range DIN cable, so should you happen to need such an interconnect…

Chord Company’s new Epic-Range DIN cable is a high-end cable that falls exactly in the middle of the seven cable ‘ranges’ that the manufacturer offers. The newcomer delivers – as the manufacturer promises – better quality than the Shawline DIN, but remains below the Signature DIN in terms of price. For this purpose, a completely new structure has been devised, which is completely different from other cables in the Epic range (or series, if you like). At the same time, the new cable does have Chord’s unique Tuned ARAY geometry, which should significantly improve performance.

Oxygen free copper and silver plated

Chord’s Epic DIN cable benefits from broadband silver plated oxygen-free copper conductors. These can normally only be found in the even more high-end cables of the brand. Each conductor pair is also equipped with multilayer foil shielding. This should prevent interference between the various signals running through DIN cables. Furthermore, PE insulation for the conductors resident are both the signal cables and ground of HF shielding in the form of foil. The DIN cable comes in handy with equipment such as NAIM Audio, Quad, A&R and B&O. It’s not really cheap, by the way. You pay £500 for a meter.

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