Chord Electronics presents the Ultima 5 and Ultima 6


Early 2019 Chord Electronics presented a new line of reference amplifiers: the Ultima series. Besides the mono amplifiers (Ultima 1,2 & 3) two stereo amplifiers are now added: the Ultima 5 and 6.

Audio-Life enthusiastically announces the new Ultima 5 and Ultima 6 stereo amplifiers: ‘The Ultima 5 is a 300W stereo power amplifier and also the successor to the SPM1200 MKII. The Ultima 5 has all the goodness of the SPM1200, but now with the Ultima technology. Check this for more information.

The Ultima 6 is the successor to the award-winning SPM 1050 and is a 180W stereo amplifier. Also this amplifier Chord Electronics builds on the qualities of the SPM 1050 with the Ultima technology. Click here for more information. The Ultima 5 and 6 share the same DNA as the mono amps, but benefit from a better usability and price, partly because of a different power’.

Also new: Chord Electronics Ultima Pre-amp 2

Today another new product has been added to the Chord Electronics range: Ultima Pre 2. This preamplifier is designed as a perfect match for the Ultima 2 and Ultima 3 monoblocks. Of course, this preamplifier can also be used in combination with other amplifiers. With a patented high-frequency power supply, improved output stage and 8 inputs, this Ultima Pre 2 offers great performance’, we read in the message from the Burense case. See here for more information.


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