Erzetich introduces you to indie music


Erzetich is a manufacturer of audio hardware. This time the producer has a little extra on offer: a CD full of tracks by independent musicians.

Apart from the mainstream music of which artists often fall under a large label, there are also more and more indie musicians. They work independently, which in principle makes it more difficult to break through. At least, that may have been the case in the old days. Thanks to the Internet, streaming services and more, it has  become a little bit easier to appeal to a large audience. But of course there are a lot of ‘indie’s’. And they’re not all great either. Hence the Slovenian audio manufacturer Erzetich has released a very nice CD. Including, according to them, the very best tracks of the very best indie artists.


For an audio manufacturer, the sound quality of the recordings was at least as important. So you can be sure it all sounds very, very well. Also nice is that there are all kinds of genres to be found on the disc. Pop, rock, blues and new age go hand in hand. Love all the way!

The CD is intended as a promo, in which only the production and shipping costs are included. In short: a great way to broaden your musical spectrum once again.

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