Expos and coronaviruses, note changes


At the moment the problem of the notorious coronavirus is not so much in our area, but keep an eye on expo websites.

Actually, we didn’t want to spend any time on this issue right now. That coronavirus is – in Europe – mainly in the category ‘annoying’,  but not dramaticly dangerous. However, we did see a press release from ISE (Integrated Systems Events) concerning the virus. The tomorrow’s high-end show for professionals doesn’t have a lot of cancellations, but LG has announced that they won’t be coming over this year. Also some Chinese manufacturers have cancelled. This is partly due to quarantine measures and travel bans, of course. However: this is only a very small part and the show will continue at full strength.

Stay alert

There will also be exhibitions for the coming weeks and months. The High End in Munich is the largest. However, we are talking about mid-May now. It remains to be seen how the situation has developed. General advice: if you plan to visit a large(er) audio show anywhere in or outside Europe, keep a close eye on the website of that event. Only there you can read how the situation is. With many cancellations and all kinds of restrictive measures, it is ultimately up to you to decide whether or not to go. But as long as the latter is not the case, it is usually just business as usual. So don’t panic, but common sense.

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