High End München’s ‘brand ambassador’ is Alan Parsons

High End

The ‘brand ambassador’ of the upcoming High End Munich this year is none other than Alan Parsons, someone you might call legendary.

Alan Parsons is the face of the High End Munich 2020, which this year will be held from 14 to 17 May. With this nomination, the organization declares that it adheres to the theme of deploying every year a prominent artist who underlines the symbiosis between music and technology. According to Stefan Dreischärf – managing director of HIGH END SOCIETY Service GmbH (the organisation behind the exhibition) – Parsons embodies this symbiosis like no other: ‘Thanks to superb recording technology, he is extremely successful at bringing the magic of his compositions into our living rooms’. Alan Parsons has been active for decades and has been nominated for a Grammy 13 times, receiving the coveted award for the ‘Best immersive Audio Album’ in 2018.

Abbey Road Studios

Parsons – from London – started his career at the famous Abbey Road Studios. Still working in the background at the time, he was already writing musical history. Initially he worked as an assistant with the Beatles’ last two albums. After that he became known as a sound engineer for the recordings of the Pink Floyd album Dark Side Of The Moon’. From 1975 with the founding of the Alan Parsons Project, the artist himself grew into a legend with his own material. Last year his new studio album The Secret was released. Parsons also toured the US and Europe with the Alan Parsons Live Project.

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