In-Akustik Micro-Air cable series: nice and airy


The German company In-Akustik has released a new series of cables. With the Micro-Air, air is used as dielectric air.

The new Micro-Air cables from In-Akustik use the Helix technology developed by the Germans. The cables are woven in a pattern that we also know from DNA. Furthermore, the use of air as a dielectric is a characteristic of this manufacturer.

There are different types of cables in the new series. There are three variants of speaker cables. The flagship here is the LS-204 XL Micro Air, which of course uses the air-electric and six concentric copper conductors. According to In-Akustik, the magnetic fields overlap the positive and negative conductors, so that they are neutralized.

Made in Germany

Also fresh from the press is the NF-204 Micro-Air, a symmetrical specimen. Just as new as the NF-104 Micro-Air coaxial cable. The cinch versions are completely solder-free; cable and plug are pressed together with 1.5 tons of pressure. All In-Akustik cables are manufactured in Germany and extensively tested before leaving the factory. That leaves the price:

  • NF-104 Micro-Air cinch, from €225 (0.75 m)
  • NF-204 Micro-Air cinch, from €280 (0.75 meters)
  • NF-204 Micro-Air XLR, from €300 (0.75 meters)

Then there are the speaker cables:

  • LS-104 Micro-Air, from €400 (2 x 3 meters)
  • LS-204 Micro-Air, from €550 (2 x 3 meters)
  • LS-204 Micro-Air XL, from €675 (2 x 3 meters)

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