KEF comes with built-in speaker Ci3160REF-THX


For those who prefer not to have ‘clunky speakers’ in their living room, KEF will soon be coming with the Ci3160REF-THX that you build into the wall.

The new KEF Ci3160REF-THX is part of the Reference Series of this brand. According to KEF, it is a high-end solution for AV built-in speakers. As the name may suggest, the Ci3160REF-THX THX Ultra is certified. This is one of the reasons why the loudspeaker must provide a flawless and natural sound according to the manufacturer. At the same time, the installation should be easy to do, which is always welcome news.

Uni-Q drivers

The great advantage of a flush-mounting speaker is, of course, that it takes up no floor space. And at the same time (partly because of this) hardly noticeable. The Ci3160REF-THX uses KEF’s characteristic Uni-Q drivers, so no concessions in that respect. The speakers have an impedance of 4 Ohm. Recommended power with which they should be controlled is between 40 and 350 Watt. The frequency range runs from 32 Hz to 30 kHz. The price of the Ci3160REF-THX is €7500. After installation, you can choose to use a metal grille, which of course further increases the invisibility in a wall. Or you can opt for a ‘naked setup’ without a grille, where you can see the drivers in full glory.

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