Linn releases enhanced app for iOS


Linn has released a new iOS app for all of the brand’s streaming products, with several interesting features.

Linn’s new iOS app is intended as a remote control for all UK manufacturer streaming-capable products. Including the recent Series 3 wireless speaker, Selekt DSM streamer and the recently announced Kustom DSM network player. The eponymous Linn App builds on the previously released Kazoo control app. But there are a number of new possibilities. For example, there is a universal search tool, which shows results from various streaming services and stored music.

Playlist in the cloud

The Linn App also stores playlists in the cloud if desired. All you need is a Linn account and you can reach them from anywhere. And performed on any DSM network player of the brand.

The iOS app is immediately available in the Apple App Store, the Android version will follow sometime later this year. The user interface is very similar to that of Kazoo, with several components placed in a more quickly accessible place. By the way: if you are terribly attached to Kazoo, then nothing stands in the way of you continuing to use that app of course. But the way to the future will be the newly released app.

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