Live DAC-test saturday 15 February 2020

On Saturday, February 15 from about 10:00 CET we will do a live dac-test at Alpha Audio HQ. No less than ten models will be discussed. And you – the reader / viewer – can watch live via Youtube!

We’ve got all the dacs we want to test. And most of them are already nice and warm! Tomorrow – Saturday – from 10:00 CET we will listen to the dacs with three authors. Of course on the famous Alpha Audio reference system.

The candidates:

  • Moon 230 HAD (with headphone amp)
  • Moon 280D (with built-in streamer)
  • Atoll DAC200
  • Weiss DAC2 (with streaming module)
  • Mytek Brooklyn Bridge (with streamer)
  • DAC3 Benchmark
  • Metrum Acoustics Onyx
  • Chord Hugo2 (with headphone amp)
  • Musical Fidelity M6 SDAC
  • Kinky Studio Vision DAC1

The stream can be followed here:


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