Monitor Audio releases sixth generation Bronze series

Monitor Audio

The sixth generation Bronze series of speakers by Monitor Audio is a fact. You can choose from eight different models.

The sixth generation of the Monitor Audio Bronze series is ready. Divided into eight different models, you can choose from two tripod speakers (the Bronze 50 and Bronze 100). Or go for one of the two floorstanders (Bronze 200 and Bronze 500), a center speaker (Bronze C150), rear speaker (Bronze FX), a Dolby Atmos speaker (Bronze AMS) or a subwoofer (Bronze W10). Of course, combining is the magic word here, you can build a complete surround installation if desired.

Contrasting front panel

According to Monitor Audio, the sixth generation Bronze is the best version of this series so far, thanks in part to its build quality and performance. Each speaker has new drivers, equipped with Damped Concentric Mode (DCM) technology.

Furthermore a tweeter with Uniform Dispersion (UD) waveguide is provided. The housing is also slightly modified and has a front panel in contrasting colour. Choose from white, black, walnut and urban grey finishes.

If you have some time left, you can listen to the Monitor Audio Bronze speakers next month at the Bristol Hi-Fi Show 2020 with your own ears. Incidentally, we came across the announcement of the newcomers at Sempre Audio (image at the top of this article). The Dutch importer of Monitor Audio can be found here.

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