New Apple TV 4K on the way?


Chances are pretty high that somewhere this year a new Apple TV will appear. At least: 9to5mac says so. The new model will contain a better SoC; that’s always good.

That Apple TV set-top box is and remains popular. Once started out as a kind of ‘hobby project’ from Apple, the device is now an excellent basis to give any TV some extra smart functions. Especially for owners of, for example, an iPhone or iPad, the use is relatively cheap, because apps from the App Store can be installed on Apple TV.

The Apple TV includes various streaming apps such as Netflix and Apple’s own video streaming service. That a new version of the device would arrive (see the prediction of 9to5mac) would therefore not be very strange. Certainly not if you consider that Apple would like to promote its Arcade game subscription service. Thanks to the support for various controllers that work with the small box, the offered games are shown to their best advantage on a large 4K TV screen.


The current generation Apple TV is available in a HD and 4K variant (see image above this article). The HD version has the by now ageing A8 SoC on board, the 4K version does it with a much firmer A10X. The hope for many is that the (possibly) new intended version will have at least an A12 Bionic SoC on board. With that, you can go back some years. The A10X is certainly not the worst, but a little more power is quite welcome. The only thing that can prevent the TV (4K) from hitting the screen in a more or less short period of time is the Corona virus. But lower production in China is something that will unfortunately bother every manufacturer if the virus continues to simmer for some time.

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