Purecable releases new Master series cables

In the well-known nano line, Purecable presents a new series for the high-end market: the Master series. A product line-up with only the highest quality cables, finishing and plugs.

All cables from Purecable’s new Master Series are manufactured with the very pure PC-Triple C copper. By applying high pressure during manufacture, the copper is pressed to 70 percent of its original size. This creates a very compact copper structure. The nano-treatment is also applied to these cables. The natural oil binds to oxygen and contains micro-particles of gold and silver which fill in every blemish. This increases the number of contact points and improves conduction,” explains the manufacturer.

Short insertion period

The high quality cables are finished with plugs from the Australian ETI research. Plugs where the signal guides are milled out of one piece of Tellurium copper. These are then cleaned, silver plated (gold plated near the power cables) and cryogenically treated. ‘The combination of the nano cables with the ETI plugs results in a series that is directly in the highest segment,’ says Purecable. In the line are available a speaker cable (spade or banana), power cable and interlink (RCA or XLR) and have the names speakerMSTR, powerMSTR and linkMSTR. All supplied cables are treated with a cable burner for 72 hours in order to obtain the maximum result and to shorten the insertion period.

The new Purecable cables can be seen at the upcoming Audio Show Alkmaar where Purecable together with Daudio and YN audio a beautiful assortment will perform.

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