Q Acoustics creates solid bass with Q B12

Q Acoustics

Q Acoustics releases the new subwoofer Q B12, which fits perfectly with the 3000i Series and all Concept models. For the people that just need some extra bass.

The new Q B12 subwoofer from British Q Acoustics features a 300 mm bass driver coupled with a 220 Watt Class D amplifier. The cabinet is made of sturdy MDF that should counteract annoying vibrations. According to the manufacturer, the Q B12 sub is well suited for pop music with strong bass pulses, but the elegant low toner also feels like a fish in the water with soundtracks and sound effects from feature films, for example.

Apart from the sub itself you will also get a set of height adjustable spikes with rubber caps. This effectively disconnects the subwoofer from the floor.

Adjustable ‘starting frequency’

The already mentioned sturdy MDF enclosure has a 36 mm thick wall. You can set the frequency at which the Q Aciustics Q B12 starts to work, so it can be perfectly adjusted to your speakers. The (cone of the) driver of the sub is made of extra stiff paper. The price of the subwoofer is €599 and it is available immediately. So if you happen to be looking for a little more bass from your installation, this is a nice option, we think.

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