RAAL Requisit presents amplifier/DAC for ribbon headphones

RAAL Requisit

In collaboration with Schiit-Audio, RAAL Requisit has developed a ‘dedicated’ amplifier especially for use in combination with ribbon headphones, or more specifically the SR1a.

To be able to enjoy a ribbon headphone, a very powerful amplifier is needed, says Stefan Gürtler of the Amsterdam Headphone Auditions:

“The SR1a headphones are per ‘Ribbon-to-amp interface’ connected to the speaker connectors of your amplifier. Preferably more than 100 watts.” But even with a solid tube amp, the SR1a delivers sound quality of the highest quality.

Now all this is much easier: In collaboration with Schiit-Audio RAAL Requisit has developed a ‘dedicated’ amplifier that has already been playing for a few months at Headphone Auditions. A lot of listeners are very surprised by the quality. It’s small, light and even contains a dac. So: very handy indeed.


Gürtler continues in his press release: ‘This makes entering the world of Ribbons easier and cheaper – you don’t need an ordinary amplifier anymore – and  it’s also transportable.

Of course not ‘on-the-go’, but very easy to move to your roof terrace or travel with you in your hotel room. Any good line-out or digital USB source will do’. The set of headphones with Amp/DAC costs €4,999.

The headphones with interface to a >100 watt amplifier remains € 3,899, – At the European distributor and headphone specialist Headphone Auditions Amsterdam at the Utrechtsestraat 40 (at Concerto Audio) you can audition the SR1a next to for example a Sennheiser HE-1 Orpheus, Hifiman Susvara or Abyss AB1266TC.

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