Revox presents Studiomaster T700 turntable


Revox has released a brand new turntable: the Studiomaster T700. A return to this now lucrative vinyl market.

The new Revox Studiomaster T700 features a built-in phono-MC preamp. According to the manufacturer, this should guarantee the highest possible signal quality, while noise and other annoyances are suppressed as much as possible. Furthermore, the T700 has a soft start, where a slow engine start time should reduce belt wear to a minimum. The tone arm is made of carbon fiber. It is operated manually via an oil-immersed lift mechanism. Three feet should ensure that the T700 is set up neatly flat.

PLL speed control

The high precision PLL speed control of the Revox Studiomaster T700 uses a non-contact optical sensor. You operate the turntable via touch sensors. Furthermore, this is a record player pur sang, so you won’t find any fuss like Bluetooth and such. The Studiomaster T700 is immediately available for an amount of €3450. This will bring a new legend into your home, if you’re lucky. Just like the ancient B790 once was, in fact its predecessor – with a considerable time span in between – of this player. A nice bonus is that the newcomer also looks sleek, modern and attractive.

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