Revox releases S100 Audiobar


Revox presents the S100 Audiobar, a sound bar that – as the manufacturer promises – is not only optimised for sound effects.

Most soundbars are optimized for the most ‘impressive’ possible reproduction of sound effects in movies and the like. Revox changes that with the S100 Audiobar. Fear not: with that reproduction of realistic sound effects, it should be okay too! But in addition, the manufacturer has paid attention to a good reproduction of music.

To achieve this, Revox exclusively uses low-noise sound amplifiers, which, thanks to Silent Sound technologies developed in-house via algorithms, should guarantee optimum sound even at lower volume levels. At the same time, a high-end loudspeaker chassis was used.

Pairing with other Revox Studioart speakers

According to Revox, it doesn’t matter whether you’re listening to hard rock, a classical concert, impressive film music or a soft dialogue in a film: under all circumstances, it has to sound like a clock.

So the S100 is not only suitable for playing TV sound. Thanks to Wi-Fi, Airplay and Bluetooth, you can also stream from a variety of sources. Spotify and Deezer (plus others) are supported. In addition to HDMI, an optical and coaxial input has also been considered. So even linking something like a CD player is not a problem.

If you want a truly minimalistic sound system in your living room, then that’s possible with this Revox. The S100 can also be connected wirelessly to the Studioart B100 subwoofer, also made by Revox. And if you want to make it all complete, you can also connect some other speakers from the same Studioart series – wirelessly – to build a complete surround system.

You operate the S100 via a traditional remote control, or by app. Or go for touch control on the soundbar itself. The price of the S100 is €1499.

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