Sonoro presents the Maestro all-in-one


The Sonoro Maestro is a compact, versatile all-in-one hi-fi receiver including CD player and streaming support. A ready-made device.

Always handy, such an all-in-one. After all, the entire hi-fi system takes up very little space, which can be a great advantage, especially for small houses. Or simply, for anyone who doesn’t feel like connecting all kinds of seperate parts…. cabling… etc.

The Sonoro Maestro is a very complete all-in-one receiver. As the name suggests, at least a tuner and amplifier are provided. Multiple tuners even, because the Maestro lets you listen to FM, DAB+ and web radio. Streaming services are also supported: Spotify Connect, Tidal, Qobuz, Napster, Deezer and Amazon Music are all available. You control them with a smartphone app.

Speaking of which, you pair your smartphone wirelessly with the all-in-one via Bluetooth. And if your device happens to support aptX, you’ll get the best wireless quality from the Maestro, which also works with this protocol. Furthermore, wireless Bluetooth headphones and in-ears are supported.

CD player

The Sonoro Maestro also has a slot-in CD player. And if you also want to use a turntable: no problem. You will also find an MM phono input on the Maestro. Also considered are optical and coax digital inputs, as well as an RCA line input.

Useful is the RCA Pre-Out output, to which you can connect a subwoofer, for example. In terms of loudspeaker impedance, the power amplifier part supports values from 4 to 16 Ohm. Using the room correction app, speakers can be easily adapted to the listening room. And, of course, the bright LCD display, which has an automatic dimming function, catches the eye. You operate the Maestro via the device itself, the supplied remote control or the UNDOK app. The device is available in black and white, for an amount of €1299

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