Sonos keeps getting headaches – big e-mail mistake


Sonos went through the dust earlier about updates for older speakers of the brand, last week something went completely wrong on another level…

Although Sonos has clearly apologized for not releasing any updates for older speakers in the first place, we are not quite there yet. Fear not: the safety updates for your old Sonos speakers keep coming.

The only thing is that a lot of angry customers expressed their dissatisfaction to the manufacturer in an e-mail. There were so many mails that they were left lying around. Last week Sonos answered them all in one fell swoop. And made a catastrophic mistake: all mail addresses were not put in the bcc-field, but in the cc-field. Not convenient, because a huge mountain of email addresses was shared with a lot of users.

Gold mine for spammers

Sounds innocent. But if there’s even one malicious person among all those written down, he’s got a goldmine in his hands. For spammers, actively used email addresses are worth a lot. After all, you can be sure of that – if not intercepted by a spam filter – they will end up at the intended recipient. Not convenient and Sonos again apologized extensively. Now let’s hope that the misery for the company is over and everything is back to calmer waters.

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