SoundMagic presents TWS50 wireless in-ears


If you’re looking for an affordable set of truly wireless in-ears, then look no further than SoundMagic: the TWS50 meets your needs.

Fortunately, truly wireless in-ears are becoming more and more common. And prices are also dropping… steadily. The Chinese SoundMagic with the TWS50, for example, proves this. The in-ears cost £79 (we see Euro prices of around €80). You will receive in-ears equipped with Bluetooth 5.0 and with batteries that, when fully charged, are good for 7 hours of playing time. As usual, SoundMagic also comes with a matching storage box, which is also equipped with a battery. This increases the playing time – even when fully charged – to 30 hours.


The TWS50 is not afraid of moisture. Equipped with IPX7 certification, it means that they can be immersed in a puddle of water for up to 30 minutes. Which does not mean that the caps can add a tune to your diving adventures, but that they are well prepared for the Dutch and British weather.

Nice is the Dual Listening-mode, where the left and right cap can be connected to separate devices. Handy for when a fellow traveller has no caps at hand, so you can borrow one. It may be a matter of exchanging earwax if you share the same card pieces, but that shouldn’t spoil the fun.

Touch-sensitive operation completes the SoundMagic TWS50. The included storage box shows how much load is left, and as soon as you remove the in-ears from the box, auto-pairing ensures a quick coupling. All in all, this is a very attractive proposition in a market in which there is a growing need for headphone-less smartphones (now about the standard).

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