Spotify lets you search songwriters


Spotify has introduced a new – for the time being still in beta – function with which you can search for songwriters.

Songwriters are often a bit congested when it comes to music. It is often the performers who play the leading role, the songwriters can be found in the small print of a track or album. Still, it can be quite interesting to discover more of a certain songwriter. For example, because you like a certain style, theme or depth. Spotify has recently offered this possibility, which is obviously only to be welcomed.

Page per songwriter

Searching for a songwriter on Spotify is still in a testing phase. Songwriters get their own page within the music department, containing all the songs they have written. For the time being the number is limited, because – as said – it is all still a test. But given the fact that Spotify is very excited about it in the message linked above, we guess it will be a keeper. And that you will soon be able to browse through an array of writers. And that’s a new way to discover all kinds of music you’ve never heard before. The more criteria to look up, the greater the chance that you will run into something fun.

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