Teufel Streaming now also supports Spotify Free


Good news for owners of Teufel products with Raumfeld-technology. From now on, the free version of Spotify will also be supported.

A streaming-capable device that has Spotify Connect is most delightful. However, you will often discover that in such cases only the paid version of streaming is supported via the music service. Too bad, because many have a free account in use. Mostly because Spotify is used ‘only for this’ and you already have a hi-res subscription at something like Tidal. In short: Spotify Connect is pretty much useless.

Fortunately, there are some manufacturers who understand that streaming via the free Spotify version is also interesting for a lot of customers. Teufel is one of them.


What until recently was only available to Spotify Premium users, is now also available for the ‘free’ version of Spotify. All Teufel streaming speakers with third-generation Raumfeld-technology support this service from now on. In short: if you have a free account of the music service, you can start streaming over the mentioned speakers right away. Hopefully more manufacturers will follow this example, because a lot of people expect that when Spotify Connect is mentioned on a package, it works under all circumstances.


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