Wharfedale reveals Elysian flagship speakers


After a long development period Wharfedale has released its new flagship series of speakers: the Elysian. Choose from a floor standing version or a tripod variant.

British Wharfedale always has had a somewhat legendary ‘resonance’ when it comes to the name. That’s where the new Elysian speakers with their impressive looks actually fit in. After three years of research and development, they have finally been officially presented to the world. The series consists of the tripod speaker Elysian 2 and the floor standing version: Elysian 4.

In fact, the development was simultaneous with that of the EVO4 series, which were launched at the end of last year. However, the Elysian is Wharfedale’s new flagship. Both speaker variants (2 and 4) are three-way models. Among the drivers used is an Air Motion Transformer (AMT). According to the designers, that part was a ‘key component’ and is larger and has better specs than the AMT used in the EVO4 series.


For the midrange driver, a cone of a proprietary woven fiberglass matrix is used. The same material can also be found in the bass units. One in the Elysian 2 and two in the Elysian 4. According to Wharfedale these woofers reproduces frequencies below 28 Hz. The Elysian 2 costs £4500 per pair (£4900 if you also want matching tripods), while the Elysian 4 costs £6500, also per pair. Available from this month in walnut and black or white hand applied piano lacquer.

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